Arm Pain

Arm pain can occur for a couple of different reasons. We’ve listed below a couple of the most common causes along with our methods of treatment at Lightwater Health & Chiropractic Clinic:

Cervical Radiculopathy (Trapped Nerve)

A trapped nerve is the most common cause of arm pain. It can become trapped from a disc bulge, wear and tear or tight muscles in the neck.


The pain can vary from mild to severe and can radiate either all the way down the arm or just into the upper arm. The pain can be made worse by looking up and is usually worse at night.


Conservative treatment can really help relieve symptoms, such as ice therapy, mobilisation, acupuncture, massage and nerve flossing.


It can take between 3-12 weeks to see improvement with some patients taking longer. It all depends how bad the initial injury was.

Thoracic Outlet Syndrome

Poor posture is becoming an increasing problem as we spend more and more time on our phones and at our computers. This poor posture can cause the muscles in the front of your neck, known as the scalenes, to become tight and compress on the nerves and arteries that supply your arms.


Pins and needles and numbness are normally felt in the arm when sleeping or sitting for a prolonged period. Symptoms should ease with movement.


Manipulation, massage and stretches can usually resolve the issue but exercises are essential to correct posture otherwise the symptoms are likely to reoccur.


Most patients will take somewhere between 1-5 weeks to improve.

Welcome to Lightwater Health & Chiropractic

Based in the centre of Lightwater Village, we are a multi-disciplinary clinic providing a variety of health treatments to patients within the local and surrounding areas such as Bisley, Bagshot, Chobham, Windlesham, Sunningdale, Sunninghill and Camberley
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Lightwater Health & Chiropractic is an independent business owned and managed by Gina Lear and Fiona Tyson. Having worked together at a Clinic in 2013, Fiona & Gina instantly knew they shared the same business ethics and morals. It was only going to be a matter of time before they would embark on a joint business venture and Lightwater Health & Chiropractic opened its doors for the first time on April 16th 2016.
The Clinic has gone from strength to strength in a very short space of time, with two additional treatment rooms recently added to the premise and a very strong team of Chiropractors and Sports Massage therapists. With Fiona & Gina both being extremely passionate about their work, wanting to make people feel comfortable and relieving them from pain, you can be assured of a very personal and caring level of service from all the team.